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Some Responses from Readers, Media interviews

Media Interviews etc

14 September: Dominion Post Magazine: ' Beyond the Lie: Former Te Papa boss Peter Farrell's public sector career followed an extraordinary upbringing. A lot of families have such stories,' he tells Diana Dekker

20 September: RNZ National Programme Nine to Noon Interview with Kathryn Ryan .

21 September: Beatties Book Blog

24 September: TV 3 Firstline Interview with Emma Jolliffe

7 October: RNZ Concert Programme Upbeat Interview with Eva Radich. For full interview see:

From Other Writers

"I loved the book. I was interested, absorbed and often very moved" - Dame Fiona Kidman NZ

“An impressive work. A huge journey full of wonder, sadness,

hope and consciousness. It captured me completely – Norman Bilbrough NZ

"This man can write and has a great story to tell"- Prof John Spiers UK

"There are many poignant moments which really move me" - Dorothy Hoffman Levi USA

"A terrific story. He is a terrific writer" - Maggie Rainey-Smith NZ

“I have just read The Lie That Settles and I write at once to say

I was moved by it (to tears) and how full of admiration that

you took the journey you did and have told the tale so well.”

– Dr Michael King NZ on reading an early draft

"Sensitive, clear headed and a very moving story" - Dr Elaine Gurian USA

"It's an honest, brave and sensitive personal history.Read it. You'll like it" - Dr Anne M Scriven Scotland

From readers

"Beautifully balanced with a generous acknowledgment of "others" in his life, with a very sensitive recognition of their struggles, and their limitations - Clive Anstey, New Zealand

A truly wonderful story and beautifully crafted - Karen Cronin, New Zealand

This is a great memoir - elegantly written, humble, absorbing, endearing and enlightening. Peter has been courageous in his frank account of his own life and generous in his revelations about others. The book reads as an honest record and avoids the self consciousness that can come from having one's reader sitting on one's shoulder. Peter just gets on with the tale, almost for its own sake. It feels like a privilege indeed to have read The Lie that Settles. There are many parts that have settled with me and left their own, positive, effect - Morice Crandell, New Zealand

A moving and enthralling book. I've begun to read it. I can't stop and find myself on the verge of tears at the sheer humanity of the writing - Dr Len Bloom, UK/South Africa

What a fantastic book, I really loved it. I gave it to my 92 year old aunt to read. She finished it in two days, loved it and found it really interesting. The book has inspired her to start reading again - Lynne Hutchinson, Scotland

A very well written and deeply humane account. I found this book captivating, absorbing and hard to put down - Terry Wilson, Canada

What a gem! Loved it - made my heart sing - Clare Dorking, New Zealand

A revealing and honest insight - Bruce Dyer, New Zealand

Peter Farrell's book will awaken many to rekindle areas that seemingly have died in their lives. This book has great readabilty and will engage you page after page - Valerie Carotta USA

A magnificent book. It deserves a place in New Zealand literature - Dr David Loeber New Zealand

The Launch September 2013

19 September: Unity Books. Book launch stock sold out on the night. See Unity Books Website

Auckland Writers'Festival May 2014

50,000 people attended the most successful Festival to date. The Author spoke to two 'housefull' sessions and attended a book signing

Other Publications

Two chapters from The Lie That Settles have been selected for inclusion in the 20th anniversary edition of the Whitireia literary journal published in November 2013.

NZ Memories Magazine Issue 130 February/March 2018 . Leading article "Assisted Immigration: National Park 1965" is an illustrated, edited extract from The Lie That Settles.

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